Performance Protection

At Energy Gain UK we  know that with regular solar panel cleaning  solar panels operate up to 30% more efficiently, so it’s very important to establish an annual cleaning programme.

We are dedicated to providing our customers with the best performing solar PV systems. However, even the highest quality products need maintenance to ensure optimum performance.

Solar Panel Cleaning, Maintenance and Servicing

We have put together an investment and performance protection programme for Solar PV Systems. This programme ensures maximum efficiency by providing a full electrical inspection and solar panel cleaning.


“Since having my system maintained I have earned an extra £320 more than my neighbour”


At Energy Gain UK we use an ultra-pure water technology for our solar panel cleaning, which has been used for more than a decade and is proven to leave a spot-free, smear-free finish allowing the light to penetrate the cells freely.

The electrical inspection component of our investment and performance protection programme includes annual inverter inspections and component replacements according to product-specific maintenance schedules.

We will carry out DC and AC intrusive testing in order to ensure minimum voltage loss and where necessary we will carry out an internal inspection of key components.

All specific fuses, RCDs and breakers will be tested to ensure they are still working efficiently. Our visual inspection will check for charred spots, broken insulation and any other kinds of damage caused by weathering and small animals.

The average cost of this protection is as little as £10 per month.

Maintenance packages are also available for solar thermal installations and boilers.



What Maintenance Is Required For Solar PV?

Over the course of a year the efficiency of your solar PV installation can be compromised by dust, debris, snow or bird droppings. By removing these future efficiency can be increased by 30%.

What Maintenance Is Required For Solar Thermal?

One of the key maintenance checks for Solar Thermal is for anti-freeze leaks. Anti freeze is used to protect the system during the winter months and may need to be topped up or replaced in order to maintain system performance.

Solar Thermal maintenance check should also include a check that the pump is performing efficiently.