Solar Panel System Repairs

Solar Panel System Repairs 

Energy Gain Uk provide solar panel system repairs and installations. We can offer solar panel system repairs for a wide range of solar panels and inverters.

So whether you require your solar panel system to be removed to enable your roof to be repaired or replaced, or your solar panels are no longer generating electricity we can help with your solar panel system repairs.

Our maintenance and repair team have over 9 years experience in installing, servicing and repairing solar panel installations.


To get a competitive quote for solar panel system repairs or removal simply complete the contact form or give us a call on 0161 330 7739.

solar panels repairs

Solar Panel Maintenance

Over time, the efficiency of your solar panel installation can be compromised by the failure of electrical components, dust, debris, snow or even bird droppings. By removing these future efficiency can be increased by 30%.

We offer an annual maintenance contract to help ensure that the performance of their panels is optimized. This maintenance program ensures maximum efficiency by providing a full electrical inspection.

The electrical inspection component of our maintenance contract includes annual inverter inspections and component replacements according to product-specific maintenance schedules.

We will carry out DC power string and AC mains power intrusive testing in order to ensure minimum voltage loss and where necessary we will carry out an internal inspection of key components.

All specific fuses, RCDs and breakers will be tested to ensure they are still working efficiently. Our visual inspection will check for charred spots, broken insulation and any other kinds of damage caused by weathering and small animals.

At the end of the inspection your will be provided with a full report which will identify any areas which require further attention.

To get a competitive quote for annual maintenance simply complete the contact form or give us a call on 0161 339 9685.


We are based in Ashton-Under-Lyne and have carried out over 500 installations including many solar panel system repairs  in the last 5 years alone.

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We also ensure all products selected come with warranties and offer our own workmanship guarantees.


Energy Gain Uk provide solar panel system repairs and installations and have installed  a range of renewable energy systems including solar panels into homes and workplaces for over 9 years. Over this time we have built up an impressive client list and achieved numerous accreditations.

“Our team has fitted hundreds of solar panels to domestic and commercial premises across the UK”

Energy Gain has many years experience in the installation and maintenance of solar panel systems and solar panel systems repairs. Our teams are carefully selected professionals ranging from project managers, installers and electricians, all of which have now fitted hundreds of solar panels to both domestic and commercial premises throughout the UK.

We provide solar panel system repairs in Warrington, solar panel system repairs in Crewe, solar panel system repairs in Southport, solar panel system repairs in Manchester and Greater Manchester

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